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Parachute Rigger - Dyess, TX
Job Code:2021:0301.2-002
Location:Dyess AFB, TX
FT/PT Status:Full Time
Business Sector:Test Range Operations
Job Description

The Parachute Rigger/Driver is a specialist who performs a wide range of technical functions on parachutes and aerial delivery equipment. These functions can include inspection, repack, repair, modification, malfunction analysis, sentencing, procurement and fleet management of parachutes and aerial delivery equipment.  The Parachute Rigger/Driver supervises or packs and repairs cargo parachutes, and rigs equipment and supply containers for airdrop.     They are primarily responsible for repairing textile and canvas items, webbed equipment and clothing. The Parachute Rigger/Driver rigs supplies, equipment, and vehicles for airdrop. This position also drives large or heavy vehicles and must maintain and hold a CDL and ensure its requirements are current.

 Rigger/Drivers are critical to parachute operations. Every parachute packed, repaired and maintained by a Parachute Rigger/Driver could affect the safety of others indirectly in the cargo packing role. Failure to observe the correct technical and safety procedures for maintaining parachutes and aerial delivery equipment may result in significant loss of aircraft, supplies or other expensive equipment or resources.

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